CTR1 Wayne Kelley Sr. Photo's
Wayne was a CTR1 on the first two African Cruises (posted 7/25/2005)
Please help if you can identify any of the sailors

CT1 John C. Smith Jr. Memorial
Pictures by John Hrankowski 11/11/2002 (Veteran's Day)

Ronald Kukal Photo's
Pictures by Ronald Kukal CT1 (1967)

Nathan Thomas Photo's
Pictures by Nathan Thomas RD3 (May '66 - April '67)

Pictures by John Gidusko

Pictures by Ernie Gallo

Bob Scarborough's Band
Picture by Bob Scarborough

Misc. 1966/1967
Pictures by John Gidusko

Fantail Cookout.- November 1966
Pictures and Audio by John Gidusko

Crossing the Equator & Misc.- July 1966
Pictures by John Gidusko

No Greater Love Ceremony 8 June 1998
Pictures by Redge Fishel

Crossing the Equator & Misc.- Jan 1967
Pictures by Ed Mark

Jim's USS Liberty Jim's USS Liberty Ron's Gotcher's USS  Liberty Gidusko's USS Liberty Ron  Kukal's USS Liberty Ron  Kukal's Pointman Ministries USS Liberty Rocky's USS Liberty Ed's  USS Liberty Don's USS Liberty Rick's USS liberty Bob's USS Liberty Jim's AOL USS Liberty Sheryl's USS Liberty John Borne's USS Liberty

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